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Grab the opportunity to stop for 30 minutes. Look deeper in yourself, look at what you really want. Clarify what is really important to you. In a playful way, with the Get to know me cards which were created by the University of Applied Psychology. The values are based on our needs which for many of us may have more or less changed recently. They are one of the basic pillars of our psyche.

We will name the current state and the desired state. So it will be easier for you to define the steps that will lead to the wanted results. You will name the areas where you need to develop at first. We will go deep.

What’s the purpose?

  • to visually grasp your most important values
  • to name an unnamed
  • to gain perspective
  • to stop for a moment, look inside and deepen self-knowledge

What’s will you take away?

    • easier making decisions and the changes you want
    • you will centralize yourself and gain more control over the situation
    • a deeper understanding of the most important areas of your life and how you fulfill them
    • You can focus your behavior and actions in a direction that is important to you
    • the surprise at the end 🙂

How will be the course?

You grab a pen and paper and turn off everything that could disturb you. You’ll focus on yourself for half an hour.

We will grasp your core values and why they are important to you. We will evaluate how you fulfill them and what you can do if you are not where you want to be.

It’s worth half an hour, don’t you think? So register via the form.